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The High School Assessment

"The 'assessment', powered by Functional Intelligence™, is the most reliable tool, EVER, for discovering any individual's true inner potential - particularly, at an early age."

Dr. Neil Whitehouse

High School Functioning One major problem with students that are in their high school grades; is the fact that they are changing drastically from a child into an adult.

Research shows that high school students do a lot of experimenting and often end up in a negative or dysfunctional mode of functionality.

We have discovered that lack of self-worth and helplessness creeps into the students belief systems very quickly; causing them to escape through drugs or in more severe cases; sucide. Teenage suicide has become one of the biggest problems facing this modern world of today.

The teenager learns very quickly how to suppress their emotions effectively and the parents do not detect that the students are dysfunctional. The next call is when dissaster strikes home.

It is essential that parents know exactly how their children are functioning and discover exactly what motivates them and why their children have the problems they do. With knowledge any problem can be dealt with effectively.

Students who are coming close to their last years at high school are constantly unsure of what career path to follow. According to a small sample of approximately 2'000 students, only 23% knew exactly what career path they wanted to follow.

After consulting with the 23%, it was discovered that in reality 14% of them, only thought they knew what they wanted to do. Thus leaving it at only 9% who exactly knew what career path they wanted to follow. The gross 77% of students were not sure or did not know at all.

The tragedy of it all is that neither the parents or the students understand the importance of individuals uniqueness's and their personal values. (see Definitions)

Therefore the students become dysfunctional because they are unaware of their personal purpose and in order to escape the reality of life, turn to distructive methodologies to cope.

Often, the parents (with good intentions) try and advise their children on what career path to follow, and often take the advice leaving the child in a career that would never allow the child to lead a fulfilled life-style.

FQGlobal through our scientific career planning inventory we are able to determine precisely what it is that motivates the students ability to function optimally and gives the students and parents a sound foundation; in order to discover the students personal purpose.

This system is the most reliable tool in discovering any individuals true inner potential at an early age.

The other side of the coin however; is that it is very easy to be in a career that you really enjoy, but should that career be placed in the wrong environment, one would end up dysfunctional and then think the fault lies in the career chosen, but in reality you could be working in the wrong environment.