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The Personal Assessment

Many people, even the very elite and learned, know an awful lot about many complex issues; but, the reality is they know very little about their own holistic functionality."

Dr. Neil Whitehouse

What is your passion? What is your purpose? We can help you discover it.

The key to a successful, productive, happy lifestyle is fulfillment; possessing the feeling of completion - that profound realization and understanding of who we are and how unique we are, as individuals.

Do you dream of more money in your life? A big house? A family? A better job, perhaps? Maybe what burns inside you is the dream of the perfect relationship with the perfect soul mate ~ on the perfect beach in the south pacific?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning a business? Or looking to grow your own home-based business?

Perhaps, you exist on the other end of the spectrum, a CEO managing and motivating tens of thousands of employees, with a board of directors and stockholders to whom you report? Whatever your present position in life, Functional Intelligence™ is the the solution to finding your path.