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What IS the 'assessment', exactly?

"It’s all about waking up to working with crystal clear clarity and not hiding from the power of establishing the absolute naked, unvarnished truth."

Dr. Neil Whitehouse

At the core of Functional Intelligence™, is the 'assessment'.

It is an evaluation of a person's unique, personal values system - that allows an individual to define and understand the criteria necessary to live a fulfilled life-style.

The 'assessment' is taken in the comfort of your home or office, over any computer with internet connectivity. The time requirement is roughly 90 - 120 minutes, as two rest periods are built in.

The 'assessment' is a journey…a treasure map that will lead you to the most bountiful discovery in your life - who YOU are!

Amazingly, despite the increase in knowledge and the fact that there are a great number of people that understand the complexities of technology and science, there are very few that understand their personal functionality.

A Closer Look.

There are over 22 primary personal values and numerous secondary values, which develop in us as a result of our life experiences, beliefs, and the environment in which we live.

It is the heirarchy of these personal values that determines everything we do - the choices we make, the career path we take, and the partners we select in our lives.

By taking the 'assessment', a person can quantify and discover his or her personal value system in scientific terms. The discovery of this information can not only enrich a person's self-awareness; but, dramatically illuminate a person's career path and personal choices, regarding most issues.

Why Is This Assessment Unique?

As a human being, we function from two different points of departure. The first is the Inner Interactive System (IIS). The second is the General Behavioural System (GBS).

The IIS is the system that describes your inner feelings and your perception of what you believe about yourself. Many people keep the true feelings within themselves (IIS) and as a result are labeled introverts. Therefore it becomes impossible without a reliable and valid means of measurement to determine if a person functionality is fully optimal.

The GBS, however, is the system that gives you sight of peoples feelings and emotions. This is the only system that most people or companies understand. This is the biggest diversion from the reality of truth.

Functional Intelligence™, developed by FQGlobal, is the unique-leader in this field, world wide. There is no other organization that can scientifically quantify both the IIS and GBS; accurately determine an individual's true functionality, and project how an individual will function in a specific environment.