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Dr. Neil Whitehouse

Dr. Neil Whitehouse - Creator of Functional Intelligence™

Functional Intelligence™ is based on the theories within Sociology. It quantifies the effect the environment has on any individual, allowing that individual to discover the criteria necessary to live a fulfilled lifestyle.

Dr. Neil Whitehouse

I was born in Benoni, South Africa, and was raised in a very good honest family. I hated having to go to school, and was always experimenting with mechanical things to try and work out how they function from a very young age.

At twelve years old my Dad had a very old tractor that no one seemed to be able to get to run effectively. I asked him, “Dad if I can fix the tractor can I have it?” He replied laughing, “Sure son if you can do that the tractor is yours.”

Two weeks after the question Dad came home from work and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, when he noticed me driving the tractor around the plot that they were living on. Dad was amazed and asked, "Who helped you son, to fix the tractor?" "No one Dad I worked it out!" was my reply. My dad just shook his head and whispered under his breath “unbelievable”.

I went through my schooling with difficulty, constantly causing interruptions with pranks and was a teachers nightmare. I built clocks and door bells into my school case and would ring the bell or a cuckoo clock during lesson, disrupting the class. I was a very small lightly built boy, up until the age of sixteen and was bullied constantly.

My Mom and I constantly bumped heads as I was not exactly the son she wanted; I became very rebellious and angry at the world, praying daily that I would become big and strong so I could beat up the bullies. Every day the bigger boys used to knock me off my bicycle on the way back from school.

My Dad taught me to ride horses and he had bought a hippo hide whip, which I never saw him use. One day I took this whip with me to school and after school rode as hard as I could to a storm drain where the bullies used to beat me. I climbed in the drain and not long afterwards I saw these three bullies riding towards me. As they got opposite the drain I jumped out and hit them with all my power across their backs with the whip.

The whip split their backs open and they all screamed in agony. I started to shake the whip in front of them and told them I would whip them if they ever knocked me off my bicycle again. That was the last time they ever gave me any trouble.

At the age of sixteen, I weighed about 49kgs and thought I wanted to be a jockey. I was suffering regularly from sore throats, and the like. When I had my tonsils removed at eighteen, I was physically fit and grew to 1.90 metres tall and weighed in at 125kgs of muscle and very strong.

I enjoyed getting into brawls and would stop at nothing when I saw a person bullying a smaller person. I was expelled from school in my ninth grade, the reason being for some years there was teacher who constantly made my life miserable, so I decided to take the law into my own hands and gave the teacher a hiding I am sure he has never forgotten.

I grew up so confused that I really did not know what my purpose in life was, my Dad advised me to become a qualified engineering patternmaker. He baited me by explaining that I could join him in his Iron & Steel Foundry. The apprenticeship was a five year term and I hated it. I thought if I worked hard I could finish early which I completed in two and a half years. I completed a technical diploma known as Advanced Technical Certificate II which is now a N5 in the modern technical world. I worked with Dad three months and resigned - the Iron and Steel Foundry was not for me.

I continued with my life as an entrepreneur starting own businesses building them and then getting bored and selling them. During my youth I was obsessed with fast cars and used to spend all my spare times modifying and building cars up from scratch to be very fast and slick.

I started to race cars at a very young age without my parents knowledge and was very successful at this until one day I raced a wealthy businessman who thought he had the fastest car in town. A friend loaned me R100.00 so I placed a bet that I would drop this gentlemen’s fastest Austin Healey 3000/6 in town, over the standard quarter mile drag race. I had a very hot Triumph TR3 A. I dropped this Austin Healey so badly that I completed the drag spun the car around and was on my way back before he got to the finishing post.

I later found out that this gentlemen was a very good friend of Dads. I was severely reprimanded by dad and he confiscated my car and bought me a new car. I was angry and resented this fact.

I was married at the age of 23 years old and I went dairy farming with Dad in the Natal midlands in South Africa. My wife became lonely and left me for some dude who had a lot more time to spend with her as well as a lot more money. This devastated me causing me to feel serious insecurity and guilt. I had a fall out with my parents and went to live on the South Coast of South Africa.

I trained as a professional life saver and spent eight months sitting in the sun and enjoying the lifestyle of being able to spend my day swimming in the rough seas, seeing it as a challenge. I lived in the lifesavers club house and ate from the left over’s at the beach tea room in Scottburgh. I felt rejection and disappointment, I was angry and always looking for a bully to beat up.

I had many hours as an experienced pilot and enjoyed doing aerobatics and high dangerous precision flying manoeuvres. I then thought I would like to become an airline pilot professionally. I went to South African Airways head office in Johannesburg where I was tested for health and competency on a flight simulator where I passed with flying colours. After some basic instruction I became a first officer on one of the first Boeings introduced to South Africa.

Cutting a very long story short, after eight months I became impatient and frustrated flying as a first officer. Finding, flying passengers from city to city extremely boring, as repetitive work was a no brainer for me and I really missed the stalls and spins that one does as a fighter pilot, and decided I wanted to put the Boeing through it paces. This led to my dismissal from the airways.

I have spent most of my life starting businesses and became a very wealthy business man in my own right. I have owned five aircraft starting with a Cessna 172 and ending with a Piper Seneca 2. I was at one stage the sole supplier of live cattle to the Mauritius Meat Authority, which ended up in bankruptcy due to sanctions being placed on South Africa due to it political apartheid policy.

I once again came back as a entrepreneur owning automotive dealerships, trucking businesses, Panel Beating, Estate Agencies, Spec building contractor, etc etc.

At the age of 53 years old I went bankrupt for the second time in my life and lost everything I owned, I remember being in a total state of despair knowing that all I had worked for in my life was in vain , I felt an absolute failure and the thought that my wife and two children would have to walk through the humiliation of being homeless was devastating to me.

I entered into such a state of depression and helplessness that I could not cope any longer. I was sitting in a room contemplating my demise when my daughter burst into the room screaming “Dad, what are you doing, how can you think of leaving us?” I burst into tears saying "My darling I have failed you all and I can’t anymore." After a brief time of weeping and wailing with my family, I started to reflect back on my life, rationalising the successes of the past to the failure of the present moment.

I found it difficult to rationalize why I was such a positive, self assured, motivated character in the past but at that moment feeling absolutely helpless and worthless.

At that very moment, in a twinkling of an eye, I changed my attitude and became challenged to investigate and research what had caused my present attitude or frame of thinking. I stood up and said to my family, I am going to research these change of feelings or belief systems that had changed my attitude towards myself so dramatically so that I could help people who have the same feelings and experiences as I had.

I was going to study and research what had caused this dramatic change in my attitude.

By this time my wife had a good stable job and although having to live in a caravan, I started to research what had caused me to get to a state of suicide. I was going to research how the human body functions holistically. After all this was I still the same person?

I started off by going to the experts and visited approx 14 Psychologists and approxiamately eight well recommended psychiatrists. Amazingly telling the same story to each of the professionals I found that each gave me a different explanation and recommendation.

All used the phrase “normal“ numerous times during my interview. The Psychiatrists were all ready to offer me different anti-depressants tablets to solve my problems. I was either suffering from a "post dramatic stress disorder" or a "Clinical post depression syndrome", and/or various other disorders.

I was neither depressed or stressed at the time purely trying to research the cause in my attitude from success to failure.

It is amazing fact, that when one sits in a position of absolute desperation, we ask the following questions, "is there a God above and if so who is he and why do I not know him?"

I heard about evolution and that was really a no brainer for me because this whole person I know as Neil could not have possible evolve from nothing. The complexity of the human structure to come together and function in absolute harmony with all its complexed parts is mind boggling.

I knew even a simple Rat trap with only five components could not evolve as it is by design, let alone all the hundreds of different veins, tissues, pupils etc of the eye that allow us to see and then rationalize from what we see and logically explaining what we have seen is absolutely mind boggling and can only be by super design, so I started to study theology at the same time.

My research for some 13 years to date gave me the following results:

We are all unique and therefore it is impossible to define any type of norm, because where is the starting point and where is the ending point. To date the scholars of the psychological world cannot answer the question. Because of our uniqueness it is impossible to quantify human behaviour scientifically.

We can only define an environment and thereby quantify the effect that the environment has on the individual.

It is the environment and the environment alone which has any direct impact on a humans functionality. This researched and defined subject was coined by myself and is called “Functional Intelligence™”.